SÉ-ACH is a belgian ready-to-wear brand founded in 2016 by Cassandra Hocheit. The brand name is a reminder of her initials, C-H.
Cassandra is a fashion designer graduated from Helmo Mode in Liège in 2016. Shortly after her graduation, she created some pieces for the singer Alice On The Roof, which helped the designer to MAKE DISCOVER HER BRAND.
She is passionate about fashion, oversized cuts and contrasts of colors/fabrics. 
The SÉ-ACH WOMAN Is a strong woman, trendy and a bit eccentric. She dares to wear what she wants, mix styles and genders. SHE doesn't care about WHAT PEOPLE THINK, she feels free and proud in her clothes. A vision of the free and self-confident woman who evolves between a badass and girly universe.
"It doesn't matter if you are a man, a woman, transgender and whatever your morphology, you have the right to dress as you want and above all you have the right to be yourself. It's important to accept yourself. If my clothes can permit to some people to feel better about themselves, I am very happy. I THINK THAT fashion is like a therapY."

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